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Melanoma and Breast Cancer Link

We Can Do It

If you have had breast cancer...

...studies* show your risk of developing melanoma is up to 2.58-times greater than normal. And the risk is reciprocal. Females with melanoma have a 1.4-time greater chance of developing breast cancer.

Having the BRCA2 gene also substantially increases a breast cancer survivor's risk of melanoma and having the CDKN2A gene increases a melanoma survivor's risk of breast cancer.

Because of this crucial link, both breast cancer and melanoma survivors should take extra preventative and early detection measures. These include regular self-exams of the skin and breasts, annual mammograms, and annual Total-Body Skin Cancer ExamsSM by one of our highly trained dermatologists and dermatology providers.

Moles or other growths that are asymmetric, have irregular borders, vary in color, are larger than a pencil eraser, or those that are changing in size or shape should be checked by a dermatology specialist.

Fighting skin cancer with everything we've got

... and we've got a lot. When caught early and treated properly, skin cancers are highly curable.

If skin cancer is detected, we offer some of the most advanced skin cancer treatments available including Mohs micrographic surgery, photodynamic therapy and other treatment options specific to the type of cancer and the needs of the patient.

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