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Bruce W. Kornfeld, M.D.

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FCS - Ft. Collins - Centre Ave
1006 Centre Ave
Fort Collins, Colorado 80526

Phone: (970) 484-6303
Fax: (970) 484-6908

FCS - Laramie Clinic
3116 Willett
Laramie, Wyoming 82072

Phone: (307) 742-3380

1 Testimonial for Bruce W. Kornfeld

"I hsd an open wound on my ear that for years doctors told me was due to the fact that I sleep on my side and the ear kept being folded over, keeping the injury open. Dr. Kornfeld took one look at it and diagnosed it as basal cell carcinoma. Even though I was on vacation he followed through with me and made an appointment with a surgeon and for surgery within a few days of my returning home. As it was I lost the ear but I hate to think how much worse it could have been if he hadn't recognized it for what it truly was. I am so grateful that God brought Dr. Kornfeld into my life. And he is just a nice guy, too."
--Jo Aelfwine