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Lauren Archer, MD

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8250 Bryan Dairy Rd, Ste 250
Largo, Florida 33777

Phone: (727) 393-5300
Fax: (727) 393-5301


Dr. Lauren Archer earned her Medical Degree from the University of Vermont College of Medicine. She completed her Surgical Internship at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland, and then served as a physician in the United States Navy for five years.

At the University of Cincinnati, Dr. Archer completed her Plastic Surgery Residency and served as Chief Resident of Plastic Surgery. She has received numerous honors and awards while serving in the Navy and during her time at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Archer specializes in plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures.

4 Testimonials for Lauren Archer

"Dr. Lauren Archer SAVED my life. I was dying of liver failure. I had to see her to remove a small benign basal cell cancer fron my cheek.I had the MOHS surgery perfomed in office. However, I was too sick to have the surgery in the office so she did the closing procedure at Largo Hospital. There I met a pulmonologist who correctly diagnosed my condition that sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL. where within 4 months by the Grace of God & my Angel organ donor I was given a new life. I'm now 5 years post transplant & after needing over 20" of surgical stitching on my face w/ hardly ANY scar line I'm able to live my life with my hubby, 4 kids & 4 amazing grandchildren and live an amazing life. God bless you Dr. Archer for being another Angel who saved my life. You're office texted recently to come in for a check up. I can't wait to see your beautiful smile & face again! May God bless you ALL! Theresa Buidens ????"

"I can start off by saying that ALL the staff are absoulty wonderful,paying attention to every detail from when you walk in the door to the time you leave. The waiting room was clean and enough to keep you entertained until you go back,which wasn't very long at all. When I was called to go in the back a nurse checked blood pressure,temp and oxegen. He was very polite and inforrmational regarding when the doctor would be in. A couple of minutes passed by and when the doctor came in she had her assistaint with her,I knew I was in the right place.The room filled with confidence and care. She took the time to talk to me in great detail on what she was going to do (something my PCP greatly lacked 15 minutes in and that is all you get) . Dr. Lauren Archer assured me that the procedure was something she and the team had done 1,000 times and I felt that everything would be fine. I simply fell in love with her caring and warmth.Simply put I was overwelmed.If you need any kind of skin care be rest assured that everting will be just fine.I was on the opperating table for 10 hours (under sedation) Because of skin cancer covering my body. I owe alot to my friends at Advanced Dermatology & Cosmetic Surgery .You will feel the same way when you are done, they don't just offer some of the things you need they offer everthing you need. Please don't wait like I did, go as soon as you or a physion spots something wrong!"

"Dr. Lauren Archer performed her artful surgery, first on my right leg, and then my right hand. There was concern that perhaps a graft would be necessary on my leg, however the scar is NOT noticeable at all. Then for my hand just 4 weeks ago, can not see the incision line unless I point it out. Great job!! Also with regard to Dr. Lauren Archers personality...she is great with a lovely manner! Along with her assistant Sue. Believe it? They made it pleasant, fun professional, and successful surgery too! Thanks Dr. & Sue :0)"

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