Cleansers…for a healthier more radiant skin

Don't give dirt, grime, oil, bacteria, sunscreen, residue, environmental pollutants, dead skin cells, sweat, or day-old make up a fighting chance. Keeping your skin free of debris allows products to function properly. Doing so further permits skin to be more responsive to your skin care regime which is meant to nourish, heal, rejuvenate and protect this exposed area. And one more reason to wash your face: we cannot forget that 84% of households host dust mites--they love the dead skin cells on our pillows.

Using just water to cleanse only removes about 65% of oil and dirt, thereby setting you up for outbreaks, clogged pores and other problems. While helping to dissolve and eliminate unhealthy and unwanted elements from your face, our well-tolerated R|Essentials products balance the oil-to-moisture ratio. This promotes a healthy, rash and irritant-free surface. Choices range from foams, creams, pads/towelettes to oil-or soap-free solutions, as well as unscented, sensitive and acne formulas.

And the last reason to wash your face with a reputable cleanser daily: skin repairs itself at night, builds new cells and re-hydrates while you are resting. At night blood flow in the skin increases, thereby allowing for greater penetration of products. This is why many treatments say "use at night for better results." If makeup is left on, the skin is deprived of oxygen-necessary for all skin repair and cellular growth.

Moisturize immediately after washing to trap extra water molecules and to maximize your facial product's effectiveness and absorbency.

Remember: keep sheets and pillow cases clean washcloths should be changed frequently R|Essentials cleansing pads are perfect for the gym, travel or quick wash make up and hair brushes often wash your face last in the shower, after your hair, some shampoos irritate dead skin cells clog pores-washing exfoliates this build up.