Quatro Peel

With a medically accepted formula, the 100% NATURAL ‘PEEL’ focuses not only on AESTHETICS but also on SKIN HEALTH. With these peels, one could actually prevent abnormal changes in the cells helping to avoid skin cancers! This peel is used internationally to penetrate the basal layer of the skin to stimulate collagen production and help to thicken the skin. It contains an abundance of skin and scar healing ingredients as well as NATURAL acids.

This unique peel helps to smooth wrinkles as well as improving sun damaged skin. It repairs an re-elasticizes thin and damaged skin. A Quatro Peel can help to eliminate and control acne as well as cleaning and tightening of the pores. It can reduce pigmentation to restore skin to its natural color as well as helping to rejuvenate and regenerate skin cells.

Our Peel and Heal solution is a combination of 5 different NATURAL fruit acids: Malic acid derivred from apples, lactic acid derived from milk, citric acid derived from citrus fruit, hibiscus flower acid and pure natural sugar cane as well as healing ingredients including Centella Asiatica, Bulbinella Fructescence, Hypericum Perforatum and more.

Who benefits? Good for all skin types and all ages! The peel is helpful for men and women of all skin colors. It is also suitable for sensitive, sun damaged, mature and wrinkled, pigmented, or acneic skin. If you are looking for a treatment with NO DOWNTIME to fit your busy schedule, this is the treatment for you.

Planning a treatment:

  • Approximate time in office: 30-45 mins
  • Frequency: once a month
  • Can be mildly pink immediately after treatment for 0-3 hours
  • Leaves skin feeling fresh, smooth and hydrated