Perfect 10 Peel

The Perfect 10 Peel has been designed to provide what patients are after: a peel that actually peels and delivers desired results. A layered technology integrated with all-trans-Retinol Complex, proprietary acid blend and antioxidants. These medical grade, in-office, aesthetic treatments are formulated to deliver the desired results for the motivated patient that wants to peel. The hallmark of the Perfect 10 Peels is that they provide visibly apparent skin peeling. Within days the patient’s skin will be smoother and softer with a more even-tone. The Perfect 10 Peels contain a synergistic blend of ingredients that visibly reduce the signs of aging. Each component of the system has been formulated with soothing and calming antioxidants to support these effective peeling agents. The first acid step in the peel contains a rich blend of well-known and effective alpha and beta hydroxyl acids and amino acids to maximize exfoliation and gentle peeling. The second active step in the peel features an All-trans-Retinol Complex to enhance and augment the effects of this uniquely powerful peel treatment.

Of the many benefits from this peel, it does best for rejuvenation of the skin, improving uneven skin tone and color, promoting collagen production, reduction in pore size and acne scars as well as increasing skin tightness. Using the appropriate R Essentials skin care regimen makes all the difference in a successful outcome with this treatment. Consider starting an R Essentials retinol serum prior to this peel for even more excellent results!

Planning a treatment:

  • Approximate time in office: 45 minutes
  • Frequency: once a month
  • Recommended number of treatments: 3-6
  • Little to no downtime
  • Peeling occurs 72 hours post-treatment for approximately 3-5 days
  • Make-up can be applied 24 hours post treatment
  • Recommend R Essentials post-procedure regimen (discussed at first peel appointment)