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Spider and Varicose Vein Therapy

Spider & Varicose Vein Therapy

Both spider and varicose veins are common problems in adults and are mostly the result of insufficient blood flow. They can cause significant discomfort, aching, fatigue, heaviness, restlessness, swelling or tingling. Not to mention, they can be quite unsightly leading to social embarrassment.

Legs are a common location for symptomatic spider and varicose veins, while spider veins can also be present on the face. Though they differ somewhat from each other, both can be successfully treated. Call for a consultation today, and start enjoying your life again!

Q: Are there any risk factors for their development?

A: Yes, there are several factors that contribute to developing varicose and spider veins. Increased age, personal or family history of vein problems, hormonal changes (including puberty, pregnancy and menopause), obesity, lack of movement and sun exposure are all associated with an increased risk.

Q: Despite the uncomfortable symptoms, can they be dangerous?

A: While it is rare, they can have potentially dangerous consequences. These include skin changes (including permanent discoloration, sores and ulcers), bleeding, and blood clots. Blood clots can be in veins close to the skin (superficial thrombophlebitis) and in deeper veins (deep vein thrombosis), which is a medical emergency.

Q: What kind of treatments are available for treatment?

A: There are several therapies available to treat your veins including sclerotherapy (injections), laser (both surface and within the vessels), and surgery to go along with lifestyle habits. Depending on the location, size and symptoms of your veins, your advanced dermatology provider will select the optimal treatment plan for you. Don’t wait, call today for an appointment.