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Skin Care: Ingredients for skin care treatments are easily attained and have been incorporated in products for centuries. More than 4,000 years ago, Egyptians blended solutions of milk and honey for moisturizing baths; Greeks used salt for exfoliating and lathered oils for suppleness; and Romans created the world’s first cold cream using aloe vera for sunburns. Even today our 21st Century daily breakfast of coffee or green tea, cereal with blueberries, and orange juice actually mirrors the ancients with many of the same basic ingredients currently used in anti-aging and antioxidant products: vitamins A, B, C, E, lactic acid (milk), caffeine and polyphenols (tea). The skin is hungry for nutrients!

Skin is busy. Not only does skin support all five of the senses on our face, it is replaced every 28 days. Products that enable this workload must replenish, rebuild and refresh these newly exposed layers; they must be able to sustain this unblemished level of cellular growth. Hundreds of products are available; however, there are some indisputable guidelines to follow when selecting a personalized regimen that reverses both aging and environmentally damaged skin.

First, a product must have credibility. Advanced Dermatology has maintained stringent control in the development of products designed and formulated specifically for us. All our products have received significant input from a number of dermatologists and are supported by technology, scientific research, testing and are produced under FDA manufacturing standards.

Next, a skin care product must only use concentrations of medical-grade compounds that are screened for impurities, be able to effectively deliver these unique, fortified properties to the skin, and be protective as well as safe. The ability for a product to address all skin types and successfully treat acne, signs of aging, and sun exposure is equally essential.

Additionally, a skin care product must do exactly what it says it will do:

Only a medical provider can diagnose, evaluate, and treat a skin care problem. Our cosmetic and dermatological medical-team includes the services of our 25-plus aestheticians. Their expertise helps to assure that your skin care products are tailored to your individual needs.

For an appointment, contact the office nearest you. Appointments with Advanced Dermatology are scheduled within 5-or-fewer days. We welcome most insurance.